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Busy day for me today. Started out early. Headed to the gallery in Summit, Mississippi (Gulf South Art Gallery) that carries my jewelry to drop off a special order and leave a few new pieces. If you’re in the area please check it out. Headed from there to Natchez, Mississippi which is about an hour drive. Had to drop off a couple of orders there because I had an appointment anyway. Normally they would have gone in the mail. I started a new audio book for the ride which made it fly by. The name of the book is Kendra Scott - Merciful Secret. It seams like a nail-biter. I love mysteries and thrillers. 


Anyway I’m back home now and did manage to get 3 new pieces on the site so please take a look. I’m so in love with the process of turning shiny copper into patina. I have so many cool ideas so I need to get to work. 


So so long for now. 

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