Peace of Nature Where every piece, has a piece of Nature.


Peace of Nature jewelry was created by Faith Revels, about 5 years ago as a form of relaxing and enjoying nature.  Faith finds the art of jewelry making exciting as she combs nature looking for something unusual  to use in the creation of her next piece. Some pieces are as simple as a piece of river rock found on the banks of the Amite River where she resides or as esquistie as an antiqued Tibetan Agate bead hand selected personally by her for a one-off-a-kind beauty. No matter what piece that you choose for yourself, you can rest assured, that it is made with love and blessed with happiness and good fortune. Whether it’s as simple as deerskin leather with 1 freshwater pearl or as complex as hundreds a tiny glass beads, know that it is made in a place of peace and tranquillity, hence the name, Peace of Nature. 



Faith Revels is an artist from Liberty, Ms where she resides at a place known as “The Reserve“ with her husband; cat and 4 dogs. 


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